If you’ve stumbled upon my blog or YouTube channel there’s probably a reason why you’re here. You want to learn body language with me!

First off, welcome to the journey. My name is Stephen and I am someone who is very interested in learning more about body language. Just recently, I discovered a talent that I possessed. This talent was the ability to read body language very well. I realized it was crucial for me to learn the definitions, terms, and other important book knowledge about body language. The reason? because it would give me an even greater knowledge and power over the non-verbal world.

If you go on YouTube and search “body language” you will see that it is rather difficult to find videos that aren’t 2-3 years old. When you do watch these videos you will also notice that most of the people teaching in the videos are already fairly to very experienced in the knowledge of body language. While this may seem to be a better format, in my opinion, it causes the “curse of knowledge”. The curse of knowledge is when someone has knowledge of something another person doesn’t. When this happens it can create fast paced environments, as well as frustration for the person teaching and the students. By starting at the very basics, I will be able to teach at a great learning pace.

I don’t claim to be a teacher, but I will be teaching everything I learn along the way. I am passionate about learning about this, so I will always be posting new material. If we start off fresh, we can learn together. This will turn into a journey and I hope you have the time to join me.

For Visual Learners Only!

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