Before starting to learn anything, it’s usually best to approach the topic knowing the rules and guidelines. Before learning body language it’s in your best interest to fully understand the guidelines, rules and some tips involved with the subject.


  • We can pick up trends and have a better understanding about body language, but we can’t be 100% accurate.
  • Be patient when reading body language, patience is key.
  • Knowing a person’s habits will help when reading. Observe key body language behaviors; every one has their own
  • Realize that your own body language reveals your feelings and meanings for others.
  • It’s also important to note that if you’re going off of a hunch, you haven’t collected enough signals
  • Observe key body language behaviors; every one has their own

Rules to Remember

Use the Cluster Method

A novice mistake would be isolating signals. (That person rubbed his nose he’s a liar)
Relying on 1-2, sometimes even 3 signals may cause you to be inaccurate in your reading.

Look for Congruence

  • If body language doesn’t match what is being said it is in-congruent. Not in agreement
  • Women choose the non-verbal signals if they don’t match what you are saying.

Read Gestures in Context.

  • If someone is sitting on a bench outside arms crossed, legs crossed, they’re being defensive right? Well guess what? It’s snowing, and they’re cold.
  • Read the body with the environment or situation.

So lets say, you are explaining something in an interview, and the person across the table from you displays negative non-verbal language. Based on the situation, an interview, he probably is slightly skeptical of what you’re saying. Or maybe he just simply doesn’t agree with what you’re saying.

Guidelines/Warnings to Remember

  • Avoid paralysis by analysis
    • Isolating yourself because you’re so focused on studying body language that you forget to look at the persons’ face or listen to what they say.
  • Take the person’s culture and beliefs into consideration.

For Visual Learners Only!

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