With our busy lives comes constant interaction with others. The twisted smile is a type of smile we probably encounter 2-5 times a week on average.  This smile seems awkward and influences a feeling inside of our minds. You my have thought to yourself,  “I have a gut feeling that person didn’t like my argument” Now you have an answer to why you feel a certain way when witnessing a twisted smile.

Twisted Definition: Twist ones mouth into a wry (mocking, or humor) smile.

The twisted smile is rather strange to the western world and the smile can only be done consciously. We can determine from this that it sends only one message. I’m being sarcastic. The sarcasm is not in good intentions. It’s a sarcastic, “what you are saying is foolish, or nonsense”. The person believes what you’re presenting is buffoonery.

The twisted smile shows opposite emotion on each side of the face:

Right brain raises: Left eye brows, left zygomatic muscles, and left cheek.

Left brain pulls the same things on the right side of your face, but in a downward direction. These movements create a twisted smile.

I am guilty of this smile, because I tend to be a sarcastic person when in an argument, or a heated debate. Usually when I show a twisted smile it’s rather obnoxious. With that being said, it should be rather easy to pick up people flaunting this smile.

Keep an eye out for the twisted smile and report back to me on your findings you Noobz.

For Visual Learners Only!

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