One of the most important smiles used for communication among women is the tight-lipped smile. Explained in this blog will be: the importance of this smile, its meaning, as well as what to look out for. Also, at the very bottom of this page will be a video I created to explain the tight lipped smile.  If you’re more of a visual learner check it out!

The tight-lipped smile is created when the lips are stretched tight across the face and the teeth are concealed. The amount of teeth showing vs how tight the smile is, could reveal quite a bit about the person. If the smile is relaxed, it could mean the person just doesn’t show much interest in you. If the smile is tight across the face it sends a message that the person has a secret, that they think you’re a fool, or they’re dealing with you only because they have to. This person is more than likely withholding an opinion or attitude from you.

This smile type is a favorite among women, and of course is a type of smile most men are unaware of. When two women are interacting and one gives a tight-lipped smile, it’s easily recognized by the other as a sign of disengagement in the conversation.

Keep an eye for the tight lipped smile and remember to use the cluster method. Observe the tight-lipped smile with the environment.

For Visual Learners Only!

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