Continuing with smiles, the next one on the list is the drop-jaw smile. It’s important to study each smile, so you can recognize them in the real world. By imprinting in your mind what to look for, and reading body language inBlake Lively Drop Jaw Smile -1 context, you will be well on your way to mastering body language. Below is the description of the drop-jaw smile. 

The Drop-Jaw smile is also known as the False Surprise SmileThis is a smile that is practiced and occurs when the jaw drops down to reveal a fake, or phony smile.  People use this smile to their advantage, because it can display a happy mood to others around them and put them in a happy mood as well.

It is important to remember that the smile tends to be a woman’s favorite feature of a man.  Women are also very good at reading body language naturally, without much practice.  If you learn how to catch this type of smile in action, it can help you with dating,  regular conversation, business meetings, etc.

For Visual Learners Only!

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