Understanding smiles can greatly increase your chances of landing the perfect girl. Also, understanding each smile can help you become more aware in social situations. You will be able to read when people are interested or simply don’t care about the story you’re telling.

The side-ways, looking up smile tends to look playful, or secretive. While the tight-lipped smile is a favorite among women, the come-on smile is one of the favorite types of smiles for men to witness a woman doing. Women have a sub-conscious understanding of being seductive and flirty. When a woman uses this smile they create a feeling in men to want to protect and care for them. It also causes other women, who witness the smile being used, to want to be more like the women using them.

Women will use this smile to attract men, because it’s a seductive and powerful “come on” type of signal. Used sparingly this smile becomes a secret weapon. Luckily, you can train yourself to understand this type of smile, and use it against her.

Body Language Noob Tip: If a girl gives you this smile you have around 3-5 seconds to head on over and introduce yourself. If you don’t, you have a lot  of ground to make up. She probably already assigned the beta role to you.

For Visual Learners Only!

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