Your friend (female) knows you’ve been studying body language and thinks you’ve become fairly educated on the subject. She has been talking to 2 guys (promiscuous) and would like to know your opinion on both. Which do you see being a problem in the future? Who should she choose and why? What body language does each person show and what does it mean? Leave a comment below…

Hint: There is one clue that will give the answer away imediately!

Alpha Male Phone


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2 thoughts on “How to Read Body Language Quiz

  1. Problem: the one with the arm across his body. Signals he´s hiding something/uncomfortable?
    Left: open body language. For me that signals that he´s open for communication and secure in himself.

    • Sorry for the delayed reply! Yes, you have made excellent points and all are very consistent with the body language being shown. Another cool tip I learned is to look at the elbows while a man is on the phone. The higher the elbow the more difficult that person may be in the future. As you can probably see, the man with the raised elbow is giving off a rather “alpha male” looking message with his body language.
      Thanks for the comment and for following me on my blog and twitter!

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