“Smile constantly. Everyone will wonder what you’ve been up to.” Quote from Definitive Book of Body Language

From the book The Definitive Book of Body Language we learn about the “George Bush Grin”.  I’ll try to refrainuntitled from making this a political post, and focus on the body language behind this type of smile. An interesting fact listed in this powerful book is, “Texans on average smile more than most Americans”. As a result, If you aren’t smiling people would probably ask you what was wrong, or what was the matter. On the contrary, if you’re in a bigger city, like Detroit or New York and you smiled as frequent as the Texans, you would probably receive a lot of curious looks, or even questions such as, “What’s so funny?”

This leads us to the next step, understanding the “Bush Grin”.  When you witness this smile, you may get the feeling of something is going on that you don’t know about. Our brains relate the smirk to the same smirk we’ve seen in the past. This is the smirk children display when trying to hide a prank that was just played on you. When Bush was in office, he could easily slip out of trouble in front of the camera by flashing this type of smirk. He actually looked like a little kid who just got into little bit of trouble. After watching a few hours of his body language, it became evident that he has had quite a bit of coaching.  Is it possible he was elected because of his strong, assertive, well choreographed body language? Please provide your feedback, if any

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2 thoughts on “How to Read Body Language: The George W. Bush Grin

  1. Thanks for liking “body language.” It’s, of course, meant to be humorous. You may be interested to know that I laughed out loud the moment I saw your picture of the George W. Bush grin. You may also be interested to know that the picture is the only thing about George W. Bush that I’ve ever found to be funny.

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