The double arm grip gesture is next on the list of arm barriers that we will be analyzing.  This gesture looks like someone is hugging themselves, but is not to be confused with the actual “hugging gesture”.

Arm Gripping Blog picture 2Arm gripping Blog picture


This type of body language is reinforcing. People who tend to display this type of arm grip gesture are feeling  uncomfortable and insecure in the current situation. Normally, this gesture is viewed as a negative gesture. For men and even women, grabbing the biceps helps make you feel stronger when you are feeling defensive. An important thing to look at would be the knuckles, because the tighter the person is gripping the whiter the knuckles will become.

Places you may encounter the arm gripping gesture:

  • Planned parenthood
  • Airplanes
  • Schools before a presentation
  • In lines at amusement parks
  • Bystanders during conflict at a bar

Always remember the 3 rules to understanding body language. CONTEXT and CLUSTERS are important!

For the visual learners, check out the video below!

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