After starting the body language videos and blog, I have received many questions about picking up girls or displaying body language that is attractive to women.  All of us guys have felt nervous around an attractive woman. Instantly our minds are flooded with the possible scenarios that could play out and most of them are usually negative. In this blog I will discuss some basic steps to help you land the pretty girls, but the in depth video below provides much more information, in an entertaining way.

beta males

The Situation

You’re at the bar with some friends and you see a group of pretty girls. It’s important to know before going into the club, or wherever you’re going, that you’ll be approaching girls solo. Friends are used to get in and out of the sets. (Sets are groups of girls). I’m not going to make this post about pick up lines or the superficial pick up   techniques, rather this post is about what kind of confidence you can display non-verbally. How do you display confidence in front of a woman? How do you display assertiveness?

It’s a lot like the boss vs. staff, but instead of acting like staff in front of the boss, switch up your body language to display a more comfortable, yet confident look. Confidence is NOT: hands in pockets, arms crossed, or looking down. Confidence IS: maintaining eye contact, slow eye/head movement, feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your back or resting at your side.

Once you’ve established confident body language you’ll probably be approaching the time to ask for her number. I suggest making the statement seem “emotionless” in a way. “Can I have your number, my friends and I are heading to a different bar and I figured I would call you sometime.” Saying this in a calm, assertive tone will emphasize confidence as well. You DO NOT want to come off as a clingy guy. Think of yourself as a very ambitious person. Display non-verbal language that communicates, “You’ll have to be pretty special to keep my attention”. If you follow these basic steps you’ll be well on your way when it comes to landing attractive women.

Let me know how you approach women, or if you would like to add some more tips feel free to comment below!

If you need a refresher or simply want more tips, check out the video below!

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