Have you ever found yourself in the position where a friend or acquaintance told you they had a crush on you? Perhaps it was a couple years ago or so? We’ve all experienced that bittersweet feeling of a girl telling us, “if only you would’ve tried or at least came up to talk to me”.  You probably feel a bit lost and are wondering where girls-at-clubI’m going with this. These types of situations are important to remember when at a bar or club, especially if you’re trying to build up your self confidence.

Why are these crushes important to remember? With these crushes stuck in the back of your mind, perhaps you will be more inclined to talk to that pretty girl at the bar who is showing signs of interest. Now when you see someones body language hinting “come talk to me” you understand the importance of making a move. Check out the video for types of body language to look out for. If you want to know more about the art of picking up women you can check out the book “The Game” . Very good book about the psychology of women put in a story type of way. (I own the book myself)

Remember to put on your assertive body language when approaching a woman, which includes:

  • Open Body Language (no arm crossing, or private part covering)
  • Smooth, Fluent Motions of head, eyes and hands
  • Relaxed Tone (Avoid up and down pitch)
  • Firm and Balanced stance

In the video below I talk about girl crushes and why they’re important to remember when approaching women.

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