Base-lining. Regulating. Perhaps these are words you’ve heard before, maybe the’re not. I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding the language surrounding non-verbal communication. I’m talking about vocabulary; more specifically body language vocabulary. In this series I will cover 5 vocab words that I feel will help you understand body language better. If you have any suggestions of words you feel are necessary to understand, feel free to comment below.

Jabbing: Thrusting a pointed finger at someone. Indicates aggression and is a very rude gesture. You may witness this gesture in a verbal altercation before a fight. Perhaps you find yourself using this gesture towards others?

Witch’s Brows: We see witch’s brows when a man or woman has naturally, low setting eyebrows making them seem sinister or evil. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re evil, but people still may interpret it the wrong way. Now that you understand what this is, you can be more confident in noticing this.

Regulating: Controlling the pace of a message using gestures is called regulating. Using non-verbals to keep the conversation flowing, or stopping the conversation would be a couple examples of regulating. When used in the right situations, regulating can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Filler Sounds: I’m sure you’ve been told, or even noticed yourself when speaking you may use words that include: umm, uhh, or like. These are examples of filler sounds. Many, if not all, filler sounds are interpreted as a lack of confidence or considered annoying. It would be wise to try and work on avoiding these sounds or words. First catch yourself saying these words or sounds, then practice fixing them.

Base-Lining: This refers to “normal” body motions or gestures a person makes. Everyone has gestures that they do naturally, whether in a state of stress, relaxation, nervousness, etc. In order to interpret body language correctly, you need to create a baseline. Once you understand a person’s baseline, you will easily pick out when things are different or unusual. This is one of the most important words to understand when learning and reading body language.

There you have it, 5 words to help you understand body language better than you did before reading this blog post. We will be posting more words for this series, so if you enjoy feel free to subscribe and stay up-to-date.

Hey maybe you like visuals instead. That’s ok, this isn’t school, we made a video instead.

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